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Faerie Fallen: Book 1 of Feathered Fae

Rebecca F. Kenney, author of The Vampires Will Save You, said this romantic fantasy novel has “exquisite world-building, pulse-pounding romance, and a mystery that will keep you guessing until the last page.”

Faerie Flight: A Free Short Story in the World of Faerie Fallen

Romantic fantasy with Fae magic. This quick read is free for Carol Beth Anderson’s Email Insiders! Click here to download your copy.

The Magic Eaters: The Complete Trilogy Plus Prequel

Upper-YA fantasy in a dystopian world with dragons and romance on the side. Author Sara R. Cleveland said, “The Frost Eater is hands down the best YA book I have read in a long time. Maybe ever.” Available in an all-in-one ebook or as four audiobooks for the price of one.

  • E-Book: Amazon
  • Audiobook (four for the price of one): Available now on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.com

Early Readers Catch the Worms: How Alpha, Beta, & ARC Readers Can Help You Publish a Better Novel

Authors, this book will help you get feedback on your novels when you need it…before you publish!

The Stone Eater

The exciting, romantic conclusion to The Magic Eaters Trilogy is available now!

The Vine Eater

The highly-anticipated sequel to The Frost Eater!

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The Frost Eater


200 years ago, an apocalypse ushered in a magical era.

Krey, a royalty-hating, flying teen, is searching for his girlfriend Zeisha. Nora, a princess, insists on helping.

But Zeisha’s captors are memory stealers. She must escape soon—or she’ll lose herself forever.

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The Curio Cabinet: A Collection of Miniature Stories!

Enchanted tattoos, slashed tires, and first kisses . . .

Peek inside The Curio Cabinet for an assortment of 150 stories, each about fifty words long.

Here’s a sample:

Check out more samples here!

The Curio Cabinet launched July 9. Ready to snag your own copy?

Check out The Sun-Blessed Trilogy and the Prequel, Birth of Magic!

Dive into a world of golden magic and looming evil in The Sun-Blessed Trilogy. Read more about the series here.

About Me

I’m Carol Beth Anderson (Beth), an author of YA fantasy and microfiction (super-short stories).

I’m also a mom, wife, dog mom, knitter, and sourdough bread baker,.

You can connect with me through social media using the links on this page, and read about my books by clicking here.

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