A New Book…Written Just for Authors

I’m so excited to announce my newest book, a nonfiction manual written just for authors. It’s called Early Readers Catch the Worms: How Alpha, Beta, & ARC Readers Can Help You Publish a Better Novel.

It’s taken me years to build the effective early reader systems I use for my novels. I’m so excited to share those systems with you!

Empower yourself to build teams of alpha, beta, and ARC readers who follow through and help you write better novels!

Ever throw away an apple because you found a worm inside? Worms slither into novel manuscripts too … weaknesses and errors that make readers want to throw away a book (or trash it in reviews)! But effective early readers catch those worms.

This comprehensive guide will teach you to get results from your alpha and beta readers with these tools:

  • Practical, step-by-step methods for building and optimizing early reader teams
  • Simple strategies to improve reader follow-through
  • Access to over a dozen editable templates for communicating with alpha and beta readers

Jumpstart your book launch with early reviews! This book is packed with tips for building an ARC (Advance Review Copy) team, including:

  • Where to find ARC readers
  • How to encourage ARC readers to actually leave reviews
  • A fun way to incentivize ARC readers to find your lingering typos

Whether you’re self-published, traditionally published, or querying agents, Early Readers Catch the Worms will help you crack the code on early reader systems so you can write a novel that readers want to buy.

Get the feedback you need … before you publish.

Supercharge your alpha, beta, and ARC reader systems by buying Early Readers Catch the Worms!

Early Readers Catch the Worms book cover

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