Author Resource: Sales and Royalties Spreadsheet

Hi, fellow indie authors!

I’m really excited about the spreadsheet I’m sharing with you. I wanted a place to track all my sales from various venues.

You might find this spreadsheet useful if you are US-based, have fifteen or fewer book titles for sale, and sell these books in any or all of the ways below:

  • Amazon KDP (e-books, paperbacks, Kindle Unlimited)
  • ACX (audiobooks)
  • IngramSpark paperbacks & hardcover books
  • Your own website (selling paperbacks, etc.)
  • In-person sales (such as book signings)

You don’t have to sell in all those ways to use this tool; just leave the parts blank that you don’t need.

I’m geeking out over what this spreadsheet does. You’ll enter your book titles once, and they’ll be shown over and over throughout the sheet. You’ll paste in data from reports (such as the downloadable KDP sales report) once a month, and the spreadsheet will add it all up for you, even making the necessary calculations to convert from other currencies to U.S. dollars!

It doesn’t do everything for you! Like I said, you still have to paste in data. If you do in-person and/or website sales, it’ll take a little more work to enter those. But most of your work will happen once a month when you download and paste in data from your various reports, and that shouldn’t take longer than fifteen or twenty minutes once you get the hang of it.

The result? Data, data, data. Monthly and annual sales broken down by book and by where the sale happened (such as US, UK, or Other.) Charts, so you can see which books are performing the best, which months you make the most money, which book formats are earning you the most, and more.

Below are a couple of teaser images from the spreadsheet.

Ready to get started?

Click here to download the Book Sales and Royalties spreadsheet.

Click here to watch a half-hour YouTube video on how to use the tool.

Feel free to share this with others, preferably by pointing them to this blog post.

Revision notes:


  • Added some functionality for those who distribute both paperbacks and hardcover through IngramSpark. These are broken down separately on the IngramSpark tab but are still in “one pot” on the Running Totals tab. (And if you’re selling in person or on your website, there’s still no way to indicate paperback or hardcover.)
  • There was an error in the KDP Paperbacks formulas for January. The spreadsheet on Dropbox is now corrected.
    • Need to make the correction yourself on a spreadsheet you’ve already started using? Follow these instructions:
      • Navigate to the “KDP Paperbacks” tab.
      • Highlight all the rows containing January data: Rows 11, 26, 41, 56, & 71. (To highlight all of them, hold down the CTRL [PC] or Command [Mac] key on your keyboard. Keeping this key pressed down, click the 11 next to that row, then the 26, etc., until all five rows are highlighted.)
      • Go to Edit-Find-Replace.
      • In the “Find” field, type $Q:$Q. In the “Replace” field, type $B:$B.
      • Click “Replace All.”
      • Excel should confirm 180 replacements have been made.
      • Save the spreadsheet, and repeat if you have multiple versions saved (such as a blank version to use next year.)

Note on ACX Audiobook Sales: As of February 2020, the ACX spreadsheet has changed. To get it to fit in the sales spreadsheet, highlight Column R, right-click, and delete that column. Then copy & paste the data into the spreadsheet. (Another note: As of April 2020, this appears to be fixed.)

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Author Resources on my website are 100% free. But if you’d like to buy me a coffee to thank me, click the “Tip Me” button at the bottom of the page!

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