Author Resources: Creating Audiobooks With Audacity

Audacity is free, open-source software used for recording, mastering, and editing sound files. It can be used to create audiobooks. I’m nearly done with my fifth audiobook, all made with Audacity.

Photo by Jean Balzan from Pexels

Now, folks…I’m not a sound engineer! I’m self-taught. I’ve read books, watched YouTube videos, read online tutorials, and experimented to figure out what works for me.

This series will take you through my process, assuming you know nothing about Audacity or about mastering and editing sound. I’d like to make your self-taught process smoother than mine was!

In this series, I’m not talking much about setting up a studio space and purchasing equipment. There’s plenty of advice online about those topics. I’m focusing specifically on using this software.

Follow along with the document that covers the details in the videos by clicking here.

Here’s the 5-part video series:

1. Installing and setting up Audacity (31 minutes)

2. Recording (8 minutes)

3. Mastering (33 minutes)

4. Editing (part 1) (40 minutes)

5. Editing (part 2) and finishing (48 minutes)

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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