Early Readers Catch the Worms: How Alpha, Beta, & ARC Readers Can Help You Publish a Better Novel

Empower yourself to build teams of alpha, beta, and ARC readers who follow through and help you write better novels!

Fellow authors, this book will help you get feedback on your novels when you need it…before you publish.

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Early Readers Catch the Worms

The Magic Eaters Trilogy

200 years ago, an apocalypse ushered in a magical era.

Krey, a royalty-hating, flying teen, is searching for his girlfriend Zeisha. Nora, a princess, insists on helping.

But Zeisha’s captors are memory stealers. She must escape soon—or she’ll lose herself forever.

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The highly-anticipated sequel to The Frost Eater is available now!

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The exciting, romantic conclusion to The Magic Eaters Trilogy is available now!

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The Curio Cabinet: A Collection of Miniature Stories!

Enchanted tattoos, slashed tires, and first kisses . . .

Peek inside The Curio Cabinet for an assortment of 150 stories, each about fifty words long.

Here are samples from all four shelves:

In Other Worlds
Mind-bending fantasy, sci-fi, and horror

Love in Miniature
Romance to savor

Rhythm & Rhyme
Vibrant poetry

Eclectic, unique tales

You’ll be delighted with the tiny treasures in The Curio Cabinet.

The Curio Cabinet is available now. Ready to snag your own copy?

The Sun-Blessed Trilogy

The Sun-Blessed Trilogy (Facing the Sun, Facing the Gray, and Facing the Fire) is a series of YA fantasy novels.

A prequel novella called Birth of Magic, set in the Sun-Blessed world, is now available, and the e-book is free! (Click to download on Amazon or other retailers.)

I’ve put my heart into these books, and I’d love to tell you about them!

This series is Young Adult (YA) Fantasy.

If you want to try out the books for free, check out Birth of Magic, a novella that’s about one-third the length of Facing the Sun. Here’s what Birth of Magic is about:

“You belong to me. You’ll regret ever thinking you could get away.”

Fifteen-year-old Kari is the oldest of ten children. When their father abandons them and their mother dies, Kari must care for them all. Overwhelmed, she flees to a nearby city.

Desperation and hunger drive Kari to the only work available—at a brothel run by Roza and Yolin, a cruel madam and her husband. There, Kari forges bonds with another woman and a young handyman. But friendship and fine dresses can’t veil the despair of her grim new life.

Knowing Yolin’s savagery toward runaways, Kari doesn’t dare escape—until an unexpected pregnancy compels her to try. She hides in the forest, where a mysterious magical force shields her from Yolin’s pursuit.

When she’s most vulnerable, Kari’s supernatural protection disappears. Yolin attacks, and she must fight for her life, her dignity, and her child.

But Roza and Yolin are ruthless manipulators. And all Kari’s furious strength may not be enough to defeat them.

Whether you’re new to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy or an existing fan, this prequel will captivate your imagination from the first page. Kari’s story is a breathtaking tale of unstoppable women and unforgettable magic.

Prefer to read in publication order? Check out the description of Facing the Sun, Book 1 in the trilogy:

The glow itself seemed to be alive, breathing, spreading under the baby’s skin.

One question filled my mind: Who is this child?

Tavi Malin is born facing the sun, filled with greater magic than any other sun-blessed child. At age fourteen, her magic awakens, but her uncontrolled power nearly destroys her school, leaving her confidence as shaken as her surroundings.

Tavi and her friends train to use their gifts, unaware of the threat developing in a distant city. Dissidents have banded together, and they’re killing to attain gray magic, an ominous new force that breaks the rules of ordinary magic. But to seize true power, the Grays must grow their ranks—and Tavi is a prize worth pursuing.

In a fight where confidence is as crucial as strength, even the most extraordinary gifts aren’t sufficient. If Tavi is to prevail against the Grays, she must find a courage that goes deeper than magic itself.

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