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By purchasing audiobooks directly from me, you can save over buying them from Audible or most other retailers. You can get the Sun-Blessed Trilogy and Faerie Fallen here. (The Magic Eaters series is currently exclusive with Audible/Amazon/Apple.)

How does it work to buy your audiobooks direct from me? After purchasing, download the Soundwise mobile app. You’ll sign in and see your books there. You can listen directly from the app (either streaming or downloading the files).

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Faerie Fallen

Buy for $9.99

Facing the Sun

Buy for $6.99

Facing the Gray

Buy for $6.99

Facing the Fire

Buy for $6.99

The Complete Sun-Blessed Trilogy

Buy for $12.99

If you purchase The Complete Sun-Blessed Trilogy, you’ll get all three books in the series for one low price. They’ll show up as separate books in your Soundwise app.

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