Hardcovers are Here (and I Have Coupon Codes!)

BIG NEWS! Hardcovers for The Magic Eaters Trilogy (plus the prequel, The Seer’s Sister) are available for the first time ever … and I have coupon codes for signed copies!

Aren’t they gorgeous? Thank you to my amazing cover designer, Mariah Sinclair, who did a gorgeous job with these!

Because I cut out the middle man when I sell these on my website, I can give you a discount. They’re already on sale, and I have coupon codes to make them even more affordable!


  • FROSTHARDCOVER: $3 off The Frost Eater hardcover (total of $5 off with the existing sales price)
  • SERIESHARDCOVER: $8 off the entire series in hardcover (total of $18 off with the existing sales price!)

I also have paperbacks of The Seer’s Sister for those looking to complete their Magic Eaters series in paperback. And I got in a new shipment of paperbacks of the rest of the series too!

Once again, I have coupon codes for those kind enough to purchase my signed copies from this website.


  • SEERPAPERBACK: $2 off The Seer’s Sister in paperback
  • SERIESPAPERBACK: $4 off all 4 books in paperback (total of $10 off with the existing sales price)

Click here to order your signed copies! (And yes, hard copies are available through Amazon and other websites throughout the world if you prefer to order that way.)

Enjoy these stories of magic, dragons, adventure, and love!

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