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Before I started writing The Frost Eater, I wrote The Seer’s Sister. It’s the prequel novel to The Magic Eaters Trilogy.

The Seer’s Sister started as a 50-word story on Twitter.

As I started planning my next series, I realized I could base the prequel on this little story. I wrote a novella.

My alpha readers (who always read my books in their very early stages) wanted more worldbuilding. More character building.

I revised the story. It turned into a short novel.

My beta readers wanted even more.

I did more revisions. And that 50-word story turned into a full-length novel, about 80,000 words long. Writing this book gave me the opportunity to create a world that was rich and exciting, the world of The Magic Eaters Trilogy.

Here’s the cover of The Seer’s Sister, designed by Mariah Sinclair.

The Seer's Sister cover

I was going to wait to release it until I’d released the entire trilogy. Then I thought, What if I waited to release on Amazon…but gave the book away for free to my newsletter subscribers?

And that’s what I’m doing. To get your 100% free copy of The Seer’s Sister, click here to become an Email Insider.

If you’d like to know a little more about it first, keep reading.

The Magic Eaters Trilogy is YA fantasy with some sci-fi underpinnings. The Seer’s Sister is far more sci-fi than fantasy. It’s about the last living seer on the planet of Anyari. She foresees the upcoming apocalypse…and she and her sister have to try to stop it.

Keep scrolling to read the very beginning of the book. As you can see, it’s heavily influenced by that tiny little story I wrote on Twitter.

THE END, Rona wrote on the calendar square.

Ellin stood behind her sister’s chair and glanced at the words. “End of what?”

“Humanity. Most of us, anyway.” Rona’s shoulders lifted in a little shrug. 

Ellin had entered the room to discuss their dinner plans. All at once, her appetite fled, and her thoughts blurred into a thick haze. She stared at the whorl of short hair on the crown of Rona’s head.

At last, one thought wriggled free from Ellin’s sluggish brain: Rona shrugged. Mind sparking back to life, Ellin scrambled to interpret the gesture: She was joking. Or she’s not sure what she saw.

She opened her mouth to voice her suspicions, but nothing came out, because she knew the truth: Rona was a seer. She didn’t joke about her visions. And her certainty was only matched by her accuracy.

Ellin drew a deep breath and turned away. It didn’t help. In her mind’s eye, she still saw Rona, pen in hand, her prophecy scrawled in stark, black ink on the white page. Gritting her teeth, Ellin spun back around. She grasped her sister’s shoulder and squeezed it hard. “I’m going to stop it.”

Rona looked up. Her eyes, unblinking and calm, met Ellin’s. “Please do.”

Want to keep reading? To get your 100% free copy of The Seer’s Sister, click here to become an Email Insider.

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