I had a baby! (Well, a book baby)

Birth of Magic has been birthed…and it’s free!

I love this new novella, which you can pick up as a free e-book on Amazon or at various other retailers. Or snag a signed paperback copy on my website!

Here’s the down-low on this new book:

  • It’s the prequel to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy, but the story stands on its own. Read it before or after the trilogy!
  • It’s a novella, which is a short novel (about 1/3 the length of Facing the Sun.)
  • What’s it about? A brothel’s no place for a teenager, but Kari doesn’t think she has any other options. When she finally flees, the brothel owners hunt her relentlessly. They won’t stop . . . but neither will she. You’ll love this new fantasy world with captivating magic, raw emotion, and page-turning intrigue.

I hope you’ll check it out!

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