International Shipping Policies

Hi, international folks! I’m happy to be able to start shipping signed books to countries other than the US.

While international shipping is never cheap, I’ve found a service that’s much less expensive than normal postal service rates. It’s fully insured and takes one to three weeks to arrive.

Please check out these policies before you place an international order:

  • Weight: I can only ship using these special rates if the package weighs 4 pounds or less. If your purchase is heavier than that, I’ll need to place it in multiple packages. (For instance, if you order a four-book series, I’ll charge you for two three-pound packages.)
  • Packaging: To keep the weight and cost down, I use thin poly mailers for international shipments. That’s the only way to send three of my thick novels without going over 4 pounds. I use bubble wrap within the package, and I seal it tightly so books don’t flop around! But please be aware, your books will arrive in a soft package, not a box.
  • Shipping Costs: If you’re just ordering one item (or a series that’s sold together), the site should charge you accurately. If you’re ordering multiple items, you may get under- or overcharged for shipping. If you’re overcharged, I’ll refund the difference. If you’re undercharged, I’ll contact you about paying the additional amount (or refunding all your money if you prefer). Here are the shipping costs, which cover insurance. I’ve included less than $0.50 in the price for packaging.
    • Up to 1 pound (1 thin book, not novel-length): $12 Canada, $17 rest of the world
    • Up to 2 pounds (1 paperback novel): $15 Canada, $19 rest of the world
    • Up to 3 pounds (2 paperback novels): $18 Canada, $25 rest of the world
    • Up to 4 pounds (3 paperback novels): $25 Canada, $37 rest of the world

And of course, hardcovers are heavier than paperbacks.

I know the prices are still steep, but normally, you’d be paying about $25 to ship one novel and about $55 to ship a series of three. That’s why I’ve never included international shipping on my website. I’m thrilled to be able to offer it at prices that are a little more reasonable.