My Trilogy is Complete…and I’m Giving Away Books

I am over the moon. The Magic Eaters Trilogy is complete! It’s Launch Day for The Stone Eater.

To celebrate, I just finished drinking a massive Frappuccino. I’m also celebrating with you by putting the ebooks on sale for The Frost Eater (FREE, the best kind of sale) and The Vine Eater ($1.99). They’re only on sale for five days, through April 5. Check them out on Amazon.

Prefer paperbacks? When they’re this gorgeous (thank you, designer Mariah Sinclair!), I don’t blame you! For readers in the US, the entire series is on sale. Get all three books, signed, for $39.97 ($10 off the price if you purchased individually)! Snag the series here.

Raise a glass for me—it’s a day of celebration!

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