Passionately using adverbs, and unnecessary commas that I use

Editing is going well! I’ve revised the manuscript, and now I’m gradually putting it through ProWritingAid. This is a software that can detect potential improvements in my writing. It gives me suggestions on style, spelling, grammar, and more.

I love the software. It’s a lot like Grammarly, but cheaper. (And if you sign up for the free membership, be patient–a few days later, they’ll send you a coupon code for the paid version. I paid $25 for a one-year membership.)

My three biggest ProWritingAid takeaways (all demonstrated in the title of this blog post) so far are…

  • I use adverbs. Frequently. Some people say a creative writer should use as few adverbs as possible; others say not to worry about it. I fall somewhere in between. I think the adverb is a useful part of speech and shouldn’t be shunned–but I also think my writing will improve if I use them more sparingly. (See, that was a good use of an adverb!)
  • I put in a lot of unnecessary commas. I’m grateful to this program for helping me eliminate them. It’ll make my editor’s job easier too. Easier = cheaper, which is good when I’m a new author who hasn’t published any books yet.
  • I use the word “that” too often. I’m trying to get rid of the extras!

Soon, beta reading will begin, and I’m both nervous and excited to get the manuscript into my beta readers’ hands!

I don’t enjoy revising as much as I enjoy the initial writing process, but it’s amazing to see a creative project coming together, and these revision steps are crucial.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this! I am considering buying Scrivener. Any thoughts on that? I will definitely look up the editing software you mentioned above. I am enjoying watching your progress. And you are doing an awesome job with your platform. Do you listen to writing podcasts? If so, I think we are listening to the same ones. Keep up the good work. And I totally agree with you on “that”. My editors always get on me about it. I find writing around it always improves the sentence.

    1. I’ve heard such great things about Scrivener but haven’t made the plunge–only because I started in Word and haven’t wanted to transition over. But I may! I’m not listening much to podcasts, but I LOVE the 20Booksto50k FB group. It’s amazing. And I loved the book _Write. Publish. Repeat.

      Thanks for the kind words, Nicole!!

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