Three books, nineteen months. Facing the Fire is here!

Nineteen months ago, I decided to write a book. I thought I’d probably narrate and produce the audiobook, too.

It turned into a trilogy.

And as of today, all three of my babies are out there in the world.

What a ride it’s been. It’s been joyful and stressful. Delightful and tiring. I’ve tried to balance my life and my art, often unsuccessfully. I’m learning as I go, and isn’t that part of what life’s all about?

I don’t know where this writing career will take me. But I’ve realized what a huge privilege and blessing it is to be able to pour my passion, my time, and my imagination into creating something. And I’m going to enjoy and appreciate that.

I write books.

What a wonderful thing.


Oh, and just in case you don’t have your copies yet…

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